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Design Doc Submission

In the weeks leading up to our first Design Doc submission (Oct 11), we iterated our concept. While we kept the core theme and a lot of elements from the original concept, we also changed a lot. Changes affect the gameplay, target device, narrative and more.

Besides working on the Design Doc, we also started preparations for our actual work. This included practicing the use of git, getting set up with VR, setting up a SCRUM board and signing our team contract.

Changes summary

Our new concept, titled Future Earth, is a VR adventure game. The game is set in the year 2900, a time where humanity has surrendered to the problem of climate change and left the earth. The player is the first human to step foot on planet earth in a long time. Their goal is to grow trees, which is a way to prove that with care the earth can be inhabited again. To grow trees, the player will need to build technology, which requires that they collect parts. For this, they have to hunt down droids wandering around.

Narrative changes

  • The game no longer involves time travel – it is entirely set in 2900
  • The narrative complexity was lowered

Gameplay changes

  • Addition of combat gameplay (fun incentive to appeal to a broader audience)
  • The strategy element has been shifted from puzzle-play to a gameplay style that is comparable to tower-defense (sustain trees)

Next Steps

Our workload is now starting to shift from concept development to the implementation of features.

  • Start working on core features
    • Player movement
    • Player actions
    • World interactions
    • Basic models
  • Expand & update design doc for the next submission
  • Finish core features development in time for pre-final prototype submission

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