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Final Project

All good times come to an end.



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Project Report


Thanks a lot to everybody on the team, as well as our instructors Alex and Steve! It has been a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, we encountered a couple of issues on our final day (Dec. 11). A major issue was lag, and while we managed to reduce it, we had to get rid of some recent additions, like improved VFX. To make things worse, this didn’t fully fix the issue, so lag might be experienced. In addition, a number of important features did not show up in the build, but do show up in the editor, such as the gradual transitioning of the environment, and a vignette.

Here is a demo video of the gradual environment change (mapped to the number of trees, where 0 trees = fully grim, 100 trees = fully bright), and the walking vignette:

And here is a video of the improved shooting VFX, which we had to scrap for now, due to lag:

Our hope is, that we will be able to fix these issues and publish the game to the SideQuest appstore, at some point.

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