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Project Brief

XR as an immersive medium allows us to do things we couldn’t do otherwise. That’s why we’re interested in using these affordances to do something positive. More specifically, we want to tackle the topic of climate change. For now, we have two ideas on the table.

VR: Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer (placeholder name) is a VR, narrative-driven, escape-room style game. It takes place in a fictional, dystopian future earth. While the topic focuses on climate change, the gameplay and appeal of the game goes beyond that. 

The narrative driven puzzler places the player in a shelter surrounded by a hostile environment. The player is free to explore the shelter on their own. As they do this, they will slowly run into clues. These clues explain that while the outside world might look foreign, it is actually earth. Earth has been destroyed by climate change and now humans can only survive inside of shelters. As the player runs into more clues, they get involved in a plot that requires them to complete some mini-challenges. These might relate to climate change, but the core connection to the topic is in the world design.

AR: Museum

Museum is an AR experience taking player to discover the impact of both industrialization and climate change. The goal of this experience is to raise the awareness of how industrialization has sped up climate change. We also invite players to imagine what will happen in the next ten or twenty years if we don’t act on it.

Through the experience, users can hover their phones over interactive canvases around the museum that will feature different habitats around the world (jungle, arctic, ocean, amazon etc). By interacting with the timeline slider on the UI, players will transport themselves to different time periods and see the changes to that habitat over time. There will be descriptions in each time period to highlight major events that have impacted this environment. In the meantime, we will incorporate sound design and narrative to make the user experience more immersive and engaging.

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