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Team Members

Kahn Dinh
Keefe Liew
Robert Michels
Yashu Estela Xu

Concept Sketches, Modelling, Illustration
Modelling, Interaction Cues, Coding
Team Leader, Coding
Content Writing, UX / UI, Modelling


Updated Design Doc Submission ✍️

Design Doc Updates In order to prepare for our updated design doc submission, we held another short meeting to clear up any remaining questions we had. After this meeting we started working on the document individually, filling it in piece by piece. The bulk of the workload involved the multi-layered storyboard and the addition of…

Design Doc Submission

In the weeks leading up to our first Design Doc submission (Oct 11), we iterated our concept. While we kept the core theme and a lot of elements from the original concept, we also changed a lot. Changes affect the gameplay, target device, narrative and more. Besides working on the Design Doc, we also started…

Hello World 👋

In our first week as a team, we met three times. We finalized team formation, discussed VR vs AR, brainstormed initial concepts and prepared for the first submission. Meeting: Su. 9/20 Got to know each other.Logistics: connected through Facebook, as well as Discord.Started talking about VR vs AR. Meeting: Su. 9/23 Discussed how to prepare…