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Updated Design Doc Submission ✍️

Design Doc Updates

In order to prepare for our updated design doc submission, we held another short meeting to clear up any remaining questions we had. After this meeting we started working on the document individually, filling it in piece by piece. The bulk of the workload involved the multi-layered storyboard and the addition of new section. The multi-layered storyboard proved to be a great tool to avoid confusion and think through each interaction.

Project Progress

At this point, our project is starting to make good progress. Everybody has access to and has successfully pushed to the git repository. In the repository, we have a project file that combines Keefe’s and Robert’s A3. With that, our locomotion, and parts of combat and tree planting are done. We are also done concept designing all aspects that we are planning for the core (prototype) submission. The goal is to now implement any remaining core features.


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